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* Indicates new rule, or rule amendment.

Any suspensions will be presented to the membership at the A.G.M.  Where the length of suspension or ban will be decided.

1,  No Smoking or drinking on our transport (it's the law)
This now includes e-cig's, etc.  In compliance with Government Guidelines.

2,  Behavior that is likely to give our club a bad name, this includes being unnecessarily disorderly, abusive & aggressive.  This will result in the culprit being suspended until the A.G.M.

3,  Anyone owing money, Will be banned.

4,  You are required to contact the club, no later than 7 days prior & no earlier than 14 days before your respective fixture, by either e-mail, text or by telephone (the latter, evenings only)   
Failure to do so, could result in your ticket or coach place being re-allocated.

5,  Match tickets are the property of Arsenal South Wales & are NOT to be reallocated without our consent.  If the original person, who the ticket was obtained for cannot make a fixture, then you need to contact the club, to find out if we have a waiting list.  If there is, the person who cannot go, will be issued a refund (this is the only instance when the 14 day rule does not apply, see below). 
*Furthermore, we require @ least 24 hours notice, prior to departure time, for the above rule to be implemented.
 Anyone found to be flaunting this rule, will be suspended until the next A.G.M.  

6,  Arsenal South Wales Membership Cards are to be carried for all HOME fixtures, this is to aid in your entry to the stadium.

7,  Tickets that we supply are for Arsenal fans.  Due to complaints, we will not take fans of our opponents (of the day).

8,  Bus fare £25 Adult, £20 OAP & £15 for under 18's.
£1 less for Season Ticket Holders and (Arsenal FC) Silver Members-who let us use the membership to obtain tickets.

9,  Those not wishing to travel on our transport can obtain tickets.  On the first occasion with £10 surcharge per ticket, all other occasions @ full package price. 

10,  AWAY GAMES, deposits of £30 per ticket.  Most clubs give reductions, please state if ticket is for Adult, Junior or OAP.

On the odd occasion when demand outweighs supply, tickets will be issued using the following priorities;

11,  HOME
1st 'Arsenal' silver members
2nd Those who have been to most games
3rd 'Arsenal' red members

12,  AWAY
1st season ticket holders
2nd travel club holders
3rd those who have been to most games
4th 'Arsenal' silver/red members

13,  Refunds will only be issued, if we are given 14 days or more notice.

14,  Transport
Once a match has finished it is up to you, to return to our transport A.S.A.P.  A departure time will be given on arrival @ the Stadium.  It is your responsibility to return to the transport in good time.
If you do not, the bus will leave without you.

Anyone not in possession of theirs, will have to buy a new badge/keyring.
Badges cost £1, Keyrings cost £1.50

16,  SEASON TICKETS Re use of your ticket;
If we use your Season Ticket number to obtain AWAY TICKETS.
We expect in return to be offered you're ticket 1st if you are not attending any Home, Semi or Final.
This is not to say that we necessarily require it, but we want to have 1st refusal.
Failure to comply will result in the holder/member being suspended until the next A.G.M.  If you feel that you cannot stay within this rule, then let me know, so that I can remove your number from our SEASON TICKET AWAY list.

Anyone found to be offering or taking Tickets through any other source, other than our club (this includes fellow members), whilst tickets are available, will be suspended until the A.G.M.

*18, The Committee reserve the right to refuse Membership acceptance at time of application.

*19, Any matter/subject that members would like to raise at the AGM, should be presented to the committee in writing, no later than two weeks prior to the meeting.